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Welcome to my wedding journal page — a place full of stories and information, some from the annals of history, others unfolding in the present moment, and still more awaiting their moment in the spotlight. 

Here, you’ll discover insights into wedding traditions, the art of capturing those precious moments, tips for attending weddings, and invaluable advice on selecting the perfect venue and many other wedding topics. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to check out my latest work. Enjoy! 

PECKFORTON CASTLE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER I love this venue, I really do. Peckforton Castle is a joy to work at as wedding videographer. The sight of this place takes the breath away and its is by far one of the most epic Cheshire Wedding Venues. The Grand Hall is an amazing picturesque space that when dressed […]

COLSHAW HALL WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER Colshaw Hall is one of Cheshire’s most fabulous wedding venues. I have loved shooting wedding videography at Colshaw Hall over the years and it never disappoints. Located in Peover near Knutsford, Colshaw Hall is set in its own 300 acre grounds, and has hosted many exclusive Cheshire weddings. Kimberley and Dan’s […]

The Present Moment and Mindfulness “This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” At a recent Manchester wedding video I shot, I came to notice how calm things were at the bridal […]

WEDDING VIDEO NICHE? I have been thinking a lot lately about the different styles of the wedding videography and the implications this has for both the ‘wedding video’ industry at large and the brides who book our wedding videography services. With so many different styles it can be difficult to see where your own personal style fits in or can […]

I love telling stories, and I love the life my wedding filmmaking career has brought me so far. I consider myself to be truly blessed. Blessed to be involved in capturing people’s most treasured days. Blessed to work for caring clients. And blessed to be the bringer of so much future joy to these clients. […]

I have been shooting weddings for over a decade now and in that time many things have changed. Wedding videography styles have come and gone (anyone remember Marryoke?) and the technology used to shoot wedding films has developed greatly. Gone are the days when I shot with a large shoulder-mounted video camera onto digital tape. […]

‘We absolutely love them. Brought tears to our eyes. They’re fantastic. Thanks you so so much. So in love have watched them numerous times already.” Carreglwyd Estate – Anglesey Wedding I was honoured to be asked to be involved in this wedding. As the bride is a wedding filmmaker herself, and it was a thrill […]

So what’s a documentary wedding filmmaker? I class myself as a specialist documentary wedding filmmaker, and as such a filmmaker natural storytelling is the name of the game.  My films are assembled from natural footage captured fuss free and without direction from myself. I keep the equipment I use to a minimum, ensuring I stay discrete throughout […]

The Wedding Videographer Manifesto? What is that? Has he lost his mind? What is he going on about this time? Today’s blog is my thoughts on developing a holistic mode of practice and intent of purpose when shooting wedding films. Can we as wedding videographers, provide stunning wedding films that are emotional and engaging without disturbing the flow of the wedding […]

“Gosh, you’re paying HOW much for wedding videographer?” What is the true value in a wedding film? What is the price you will set for your memories to be captured forever? Warren Buffett said “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” So what do you get from a wedding film? A former […]

Here at Matt D Brady Weddings I often get asked what a wedding film teaser trailer is. My wedding teaser trailers are just that, a teaser for the main wedding film. What are film trailers? Hollywood film teaser trailers are usually made for big-budget movies. Before a general release of a film, there is often the release […]

I hear it time and time again that couples have no budget left for the wedding videographer. That they have spent the last of their funds on a candy cart or ice sculpture and have either very little or nothing in the budget for a wedding film. As such they will be having the local […]