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Welcome to my wedding journal page — a place full of stories and information, some from the annals of history, others unfolding in the present moment, and still more awaiting their moment in the spotlight. 

Here, you’ll discover insights into wedding traditions, the art of capturing those precious moments, tips for attending weddings, and invaluable advice on selecting the perfect venue and many other wedding topics. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to check out my latest work. Enjoy! 

I often get asked what areas I cover with my wedding videography services, and how do I feel about shooting destination or non-local weddings. Well, I love connecting with people, exploring the world, and documenting wonderful weddings along the way. So travelling is all part of my life experience as a wedding filmmaker. These new experiences that […]

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.” — Aldo Gucci The above quote is an extremely potent and pertinent quote when it comes to wedding films. So what is good value in relation to a wedding film? Is good value a cheap price that […]

Should I book a wedding video? I hear this question a lot. Well, there are few occasions as special as your wedding day! Taking that first step on your journey through life together, creating forever memories. But how can you ensure the memories you create can be held fresh for the rest of your days? […]

“I’m drawn to filmmaking that can transport me. Film can immerse you, put you there.” The above quote has me thinking about how I shoot your wedding day film. I argue that good wedding filmmaking can draw the viewer in, and can immerse them into the story. Virtual teleportation into the scene, into the emotions […]

The world of the wedding videographer has been through a dramatic evolution over the last few years. This revolution has been driven mostly by technology. My personal evolution as a wedding videographer has been driven by the technological developments in camera and audio design and access to education within the wedding film-making community. The most important development came […]

For many of those who are planning weddings, hiring a pro wedding photographer may seem like an old-fashioned choice. After all, with virtually everyone having a good quality camera on their smartphones and mobile devices, then who really needs a professional wedding photographer? The truth is that just because you have a camera, that doesn’t […]

Brides Biggest Wedding Day Regrets Aaron Rose Showreel from Matt D Brady Weddings Many brides regret not having a wedding video because their wedding day is such a significant and emotional event that can go by in a flash. A video can help capture and preserve the memories and emotions of the day that may […]

The Benefits of Using a Wedding Planner Its the New Year and I know a lot of my brides are busy planning their weddings. But have you thought about relieving some of that stress and hiring a wedding planner? Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Having everything go right is […]