Matt D Brady FAQ's

Indeed I do! All of my UK travel collections include a flat rate travel fee, which covers all costs incurred during travel for myself and any crew. Destination weddings are just as easy, all I ask for is that you pay the accommodation and travel costs.

Once you’re ready to reserve your date, please let us me as soon as possible. I ask for a retainer fee and a signed contract. The remaining balance is due 28 days prior to your wedding.

I like to arrive when the bride is getting her makeup done, usually 3hrs before the ceremony, that gives me a good starting point for the storyline in your wedding film. However, each wedding timeline is unique so talk with me about your day to discuss when I should arrive and capture your day. I typically finish about 30 minutes after the first dance, which usually gives me time to capture enough dancing footage (without getting repetitive).

Yes, it is. I strive to stay in the background of the day, shooting the event as it unfolds. I use a small camera much akin to a photographers camera so I stay unnoticed for most of the day.

Gone are the days of one long, continuous, boring wedding video. I cut out the long and cut out the boring and create a short form wedding film. I will take the most interesting parts of your day and weave them into a cinematic storyline that you will be proud to share with family and friends. My main wedding feature films vary in length depending on the collection you choose. I also deliver wedding film trailers and wedding highlight films as well as real-time documentary edits of the longer sections. I can provide examples of these films on request. When the run time of these individual films is added together you often get more run time than the old school long-form film but in a more entertaining and watchable sequence of films.

I often get asked, “How many cameramen should I have at my wedding?” The answer to that depends on a lot of factors; the size of the venue, the number of guests, lighting conditions, budget, the layout of the ceremony, timeline, and distance between locations.  Each wedding is unique, so it’s important for you to discuss with me your vision for your wedding film. I will be happy to talk about different options that will showcase your special day.

You are hiring me as an artist to create a cinematic wedding film that best represents your day, so music is very important to us both. A good soundtrack helps to move the piece forward and drives the story. I try to find music that is off the beaten path, music that can potentially withstand the test of time. I try to accommodate your musical requests, however, I prefer to have full creative control in this area, as I know how to build the wedding story soundtrack. Check out some my wedding film samples and listen to some of the music I have used. I am sure you will find the music chosen fits the film in question perfectly.

I do offer ALL the unedited raw footage on an external USB hard drive for an extra cost. Contact me for more details.

During the editing process, I will notify you about your wedding film’s progress through email updates. These updates will explain each phase of post-production and the expected time each phase should take. I will edit and deliver your wedding film within 3-6 months of your wedding unless you have booked an express delivery.