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Meet Matt

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Meet Matt

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Meet Matt

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The Film Maker

Hey there! I’m Matt, its fab to meet you. 

So a little about me… Musician, photographer, filmmaker. A creative soul on a life journey… a journey driven by music and passions… …it all started with music as a budding song writer and guitarist… A rock n’roll lifestyle… …but at some point reality hits home and it was off to University with my studies and continuing journey into the Arts. A Masters degree in New Media Production was the outcome. 

Artistically I‘ve been formed by my time within the music industry as a budding musician and my later academic immersion into film and media studies. 

I’m the beard toting, guitar twanging, music loving, movie fan with a panchant for all things dapper. But enough about me, let’s talk weddings!

If you’re looking for an experienced wedding filmmaker who can cover your real time wedding event in a super low key but fun way, then I’m here to help. You sound like my sort of couple. 

So slide into my DMs or shoot me an email with your unique tale—I’d love to hear from you!

Wedding Videography for couples in love…

Matt D Brady

UK Wedding Videographer

Matt D Brady: Multi awarded wedding filmmaker

When not shooting wedding films

As a true devotee of creativity, I find myself constantly drawn to various forms of expression, often with a camera or musical instrument in hand. It’s not just a profession, but an all-consuming passion.

This leads on to my guilty pleasure of shooting music videos. I love them. It’s so much fun to bring my creative eye to bear on a music project. There’s something special about the way that my work in wedding filmmaking informs my music videos, and vice versa. It’s a symbiotic relationship that feeds into itself in a perpetual cycle of inspiration and innovation. If you’re curious to see how this creative cross-pollination plays out, I invite you to explore some of my latest music video endeavours below.

First  up is my dive into symmetry and overlays for singersongwriter/actor Reid Anderson and his stunning side kick the amazing actress Emma Campbell-Jones. Emma played Doctor Kent in the Doctor Who television story The Wedding of River Song, and Cass Fermazzi in the webcast The Night of the Doctor and audio anthology Cass. So it was fab to have these guys have me along on this project and allow me so much creativity. 

Next we have The Ending by the wonderful Robert Vincent. Robert is a good friend of mine and we have known each other for years, I even played in band with him before his break into music full time. We shot this video super lowkey down on Henley On Thames.

Next up is a great track by Chris Kearney former member of the widely acclaimed band The Aeroplanes. Shot on a winters evening on location in Liverpool, this run and gun type of shooting style is very much how I approach shooting a wedding.

Here is Chris for the 2nd adventure, this time in a mostly studio setting with an edit that moves the viewer through time and space.

Here we have Reid in his first video I shot for him using natural light for the duration of the peice and a bare bones approach to the equipment used to shoot the video.   

UK Wedding Videographer

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