Wedding Ceremony Videographer

Stunning Wedding Videography shot at a Holmes Mill Wedding

CHURCH WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY Hey, welcome to my blog post on shooting church wedding ceremony videography. I often shoot at churches across the UK, with many heartfelt moments being captured over the years. Shooting a wedding ceremony in a church presents a unique challenge that requires a delicate touch, after all it is a religious event. The […]

What equipment do I use?

The world of the wedding videographer has been through a dramatic evolution over the last few years. This revolution has been driven mostly by technology. My personal evolution as a wedding videographer has been driven by the technological developments in camera and audio design and access to education within the wedding film-making community. The most important development came […]

What is a wedding teaser trailer?

Here at Matt D Brady Weddings I often get asked what a wedding film teaser trailer is. My wedding teaser trailers are just that, a teaser for the main wedding film. What are film trailers? Hollywood film teaser trailers are usually made for big-budget movies. Before a general release of a film, there is often the release […]

The Wedding Videography Manifesto

The Wedding Videographer Manifesto? What is that? Has he lost his mind? What is he going on about this time? Today’s blog is my thoughts on developing a holistic mode of practice and intent of purpose when shooting wedding films. Can we as wedding videographers, provide stunning wedding films that are emotional and engaging without disturbing the flow of the wedding […]

The Documentary Wedding Film Maker

So what’s a documentary wedding filmmaker? I class myself as a specialist documentary wedding filmmaker, and as such a filmmaker natural storytelling is the name of the game.  My films are assembled from natural footage captured fuss free and without direction from myself. I keep the equipment I use to a minimum, ensuring I stay discrete throughout […]

Evolution Of Wedding Videography

I have been shooting weddings for over a decade now and in that time many things have changed. Wedding videography styles have come and gone (anyone remember Marryoke?) and the technology used to shoot wedding films has developed greatly. Gone are the days when I shot with a large shoulder-mounted video camera onto digital tape. […]

Loving What You Do: Wedding Videography

I love telling stories, and I love the life my wedding filmmaking career has brought me so far. I consider myself to be truly blessed. Blessed to be involved in capturing people’s most treasured days. Blessed to work for caring clients. And blessed to be the bringer of so much future joy to these clients. […]

Finding Your Niche In Wedding Videography Part I

WEDDING VIDEO NICHE? I have been thinking a lot lately about the different styles of the wedding videography and the implications this has for both the ‘wedding video’ industry at large and the brides who book our wedding videography services. With so many different styles it can be difficult to see where your own personal style fits in or can […]